Professional Permit Services Tailored For You is an independent company that provides permit-related services for BOXABL customers to navigate the challenges associated with ADU permits and research.

Each company is independently owned and operated. 

❤️ the BOXABL Casita and don't know where to start?

Take the guesswork out of knowing what you can do and let do it for you.

Can I Do It

ADU Research

Research building code and zoning requirements to determine if a BOXABL can be placed on the desired lot and what things you should be aware of.


Need More Info

Paid Consultation

Professional consultation to align expectations on the services provided and determine what option is best.


Help Me Do It

ADU Permit Service

A turnkey service that works with architects, engineers, surveyors, and contractors to prepare, apply and obtain construction permits on your behalf.


Don't Go It Alone

Knowing if your BOXABL Casita can be placed on your lot is important. Unfortunately, local building departments and areas having jurisdiction (AHJ) are understaffed and overwhelmed like never before. This leads to incomplete information and delays.

You Are In Good Hands

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Need A Professional Consultation?

Common Questions

What types of research do you offer? partners with manufacturers and builders to provide zoning and code research for residential and light-commercial requests related to tiny homes, ADUs, cottages, grow houses, and single-family homes in the US, Puerto Rico, and Guam.

How long does it take to complete a report?

The current lead times are averaging between three and four weeks. Included in this is the time to research zoning and code requirements for the property with the municipality and or areas having jurisdiction (AHJ) and prepare a report.

What is included in a report that is approved?

We cite zoning ordinances and building codes that are relevant to property setbacks, local design standards, size and height limitations, density and saturation limits, foundation, roofing, parking, electrical, plumbing, and septic requirements.

What is included in a report that is not approved?

We cite zoning ordinances and code restrictions that are relevant to the property. If a municipality has nothing to cite, we provide the names of the people with whom we have confirmed our findings and methods used to record their responses.

Can I get a refund on code research requests?

In short, no. We are similar to a surveyor that is hired to determine a property line. If the surveyor determines a property line is not where you thought it was and you are not able to do what you wanted, the surveyor still did their job. The same is true for us.

How long is a report guaranteed for?

Reports are guaranteed for the date they are delivered. There is no way of knowing if a municipality has made any changes. As a result, no guarantee is made beyond the date on which a report has been presented to our customer.

Media Mention

The buzz around the launch of CodeComply™ garnered over 120 press outlets to pick up our release. Here are a few of them.

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What To Expect


Click 'Order Now'. Enter the address where the BOXABL is to be placed, then type in and select ADU-Research or ADU-Permit, answer the questions, and make payment.


Our team will contact you with questions that we may have, then research what, if any restrictions there are and circle back to shore up details for moving forward.


Once complete, we email the research report and everything learned. This includes what you can and can't do. For ADU-Permit we facilitate the permit request through completion.

Waiting in line is no longer an option

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